Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tweak Tweak Tweak

Since starting this blog, I have been reminded of something about myself. I am an obsessive rewriter. Thus, if you check this page early in the day, the text is bound to have been adjusted by later in the afternoon. Tweak, tweak, tweak -- that's me. Should you be of a mind to print off this blog for future reference or bathroom reading, be advised that early copy is a rough draft; final copy should be in place by midnight. Or by the day after the original posting, certainly. By a week after its initial appearance, most assuredly.

While I'm on the subject of tweaks, let me digress for a moment about pinches. My blog is connected to Site Meter, which allows me to see where visitors to this site found the links that brought them here. By using this, a lot of interesting websites all over the world have been brought to my attention, some of them in other languages. I very much appreciate that anyone, especially strangers in foreign lands, would promote Video WatchBlog on their site and provide an easy link to help their visitors find it. My thanks to you all.

But I was annoyed last night to find my entire BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE review posted on another site. For future reference (and this goes for certain British print media too), please don't copy and post any of my material in its entirety in another forum. I appreciate the publicity, but reproducing something of mine in its entirety defeats the purpose of your good will. Happily, the gentleman moderator of this other site was quick to respond to my request that he remove it, and I also received a personal apology from the poster, which shows me that he had acted in innocence and without malice.

For future reference, everyone has my permission to link to this site, to publicize specific posts or the blog in general -- my permission as well as my gratitude. In fact, I will go one step further and grant permission to anyone to reproduce the opening paragraph of any Video WatchBlog posting as a kind of teaser incentive to follow the link they provide and come here. But I'm afraid my open-handedness must end there.

There is a commercial purpose for this blog -- to draw more attention to Video Watchdog and to enable us to respond more immediately to current events in home video -- and I'm giving generously of my time to provide this diversion. Whether or not it continues depends largely on the extent to which my rights as creator of this material are respected. Okay? Okay.

Our blog log shows that we had 920 visitors yesterday, some from as far away as Russia and New Zealand -- amazing!

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