Wednesday, December 21, 2005


That's right, Paddlefoot! You'll want to set aside some quality time tomorrow to spend right here at Video WatchBlog. That's because tomorrow's blog will feature the Video Watchdog Kennel's Picks for our Favorite DVDs of 2005, as promised earlier this week!

A total of seven (7) Kennel regulars found the time to join in the fun, and several of us have annotated our selections at some length, with our total efforts adding up to the biggest WatchBlog yet!

I decided to publish the lists on Thursday rather than Friday, because so many of us (me included) begin to find our leisure time seriously curtailed the closer we get to Christmas weekend. It's always a hectic time of year for us, with Donna and I celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 23rd (this year is our 31st!), taking charge of Christmas Eve catering and spending it with family, and visiting with out-of-town friends on Christmas Day... but feel free to check in at Video WatchBlog through the holidays and see if I've left you a little cyber-present.

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