Saturday, January 07, 2006

Monsters HD - To Keep or Not to Keep?

While watching DRAGONSLAYER tonight on Monsters HD, I was infuriated to discover that the channel is now watermarking their HD broadcasts with animated channel ID logos -- not just once per program, not once per hour, and not once per half hour... but once every 10 goddamned minutes! That's ten times in the course of a 108 minute movie!

As you know, I have been an ardent advocate for this channel since I began receiving it a year ago. I went through the trouble of changing from VOOM to Dish Network just to keep it. But if these are the conditions under which I'll have to watch Monsters HD in the future, I'd rather not continue to pay for it. It makes their programming worthless for recording, and too irritating to watch.

I've written to the powers that be at Monsters HD to unburden a most disappointed heart, and unless they can give me some good reason why I shouldn't, I fully intend to cancel my VOOM subscription next week and maybe go back to Time Warner.

More to come.

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