Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Friend Flickhead

Ray Young -- the former publisher/editor of the great fanzine MAGICK THEATRE and the current webmaster of Flickhead, one of the finer film discussion/blog sites around -- wrote me the other day to ask if Video WatchBlog would care to participate in "International SHOWGIRLS Day," a cause he was (to use Joe Eszterhas' word) pimping.

Evidently today is the 10th anniversary of the day when SHOWGIRLS (starring Elizabeth Berkley, pictured above) was released in the Netherlands, director Paul Verhoeven's native country. This is reason to celebrate the film that opted to straddle the bar of bad taste, rather than merely raise it? Well, why not?

I'm lukewarm on the subject actually, and not particularly inspired to get involved beyond the gesture you see here. But for those who care, get yourself some brown rice, vegetables and a bottle of Evian, and follow this link -- and wow to Flickhead's fancy moves.

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