Friday, February 17, 2006

Bulletin from the Bava Trenches

Sorry to keep the WatchBlog's regular visitors in suspense, but the Bava book is keeping me very busy at present. I got a spare minute to steal away because Donna's on the phone with a customer. Yesterday, after staring at an outdated final page for so many hours that my eyes began to sting and my forehead began to break out in little beads of blood, I finally succeeded in writing the final, final page of the the final chapter, a little after 2:00 a.m. Today, we're standardizing some of the minutiae in the captions and the order in which crew jobs will be presented in the credits blocks -- all tedious but necessary work. Also, it appears that Donna accidentally spell-checked all references to Schock and changed them to Shock, which needs to be undone throughout the book, case-by-case. Once all this is behind us, we move on to the layout of the book's front (forewords, introduction, legends) and back matter (filmographies, bibliography, references, videography, discography, indeces, acknowledgements) -- mostly Donna's work, but I'll be involved too in the selection of the graphics that will accompany the text. It's an exciting time.

One last thing: Don't forget to vote in the Rondo awards! I believe today is "Rondo Eve," so time is running out. Don't worry about voting in every category, and if your favorites aren't on the ballot, write 'em in! Pop on over to and cast your ballot now!

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