Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Roger Corman Swings (at 80)

Lyrics by Tim Lucas
(with apologies to Roger Miller)

Roger Corman swings like a pendulum do,
Vincent Price, Bruce Dern -- Shatner too!
Mobsters in Chicago, Richtofen and Brown,
Stock footage of a warehouse burning down.

Now, if you huff and puff and you finally shoot enough
You can make a whole movie in just two days, believe you me.
But here's a tip: before you take a trip, go up to Big Sur,
It's so pretty thur, oh...

Roger Corman swings like a pendulum do,
Dick Miller, Susan Cabot -- Dinocroc too!
See the Wild Angels go to Rock and Roll High,
Ray Milland rippin' out his X-ray eyes.

Now get your cameras ready, everybody go dutch,
Hang onto your wallet, we don't letting you spend too much
Add a social message, some boob shots, mind expenses
And no novocaine -- because it dulls the senses.

(OWWWWWW! Don't stop NOW!!!!!)

Roger Corman swings like a pendulum do,
They buried Babs alive and it's True! True! True!
Charles Dexter Ward and a sub-machine gun,
The rosy red cheeks of Angie Dickinson.



I should have thought of this myself, but Dennis Cozzalio kindly used his blog to ask any bloggers complying with my "Roger Corman Blog-A-Thon" request to contact me with their URLs. I appreciate that gesture very much. I have no idea how many other bloggers might also be commemorating Roger's octogenarian phase, but if you are one of them -- or if you know of one or found one in your travels -- send me the information and I will gladly post a link here. In the meantime, here are the authors, names, and links of some blogs who have already confirmed with me their intention to participate. These guys knocked themselves out meeting this absurd deadline, so please give them the benefit of your attendance today:

1. Ray Young, Flickhead:

2. John McElwee, Greenbriar Picture Shows:

3. Dennis Cozzalio, Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule:

4. Robert Cashill, Between Productions:

5. Aaron Graham, More Than Meets the Mogwai:

6. Peter Nellhaus, Coffee Coffee and More Coffee:

7. Dave Bohnert, filmZoneX:

8. Marty McKee, Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot:

9. Lance Tooks, Lance Tooks' Journal:

10. Robert J. Lewis, Nadaland:

11. Steven Wintle, House of Irony:

12. Neil Sarver, The Bleeding Tree:

13. Drew McWeeny, Moriarty's DVD Shelf:

14. Marty Langford, VertiBlog:

15. "Dr. Gangrene," Tales From the Lab:

16. Karl Bauer, KGB Productions, Inc:

17. Brian O., Giant Monster Blog:

18. Christopher Stangl, The Exploding Kinetoscope:

19. Jerry Lentz, Jerry Lentz Radio: (a radio interview with Roger Corman biographer, Beverly Gray)

20. Aleck Bennett, The Squeaky Reel:

21. Steve Monaco, Couch Pundit:

22. Anonymous, Given to Hyperbole:

23. El Thomazzo, Olhar El├ętrico:

24. Although not technically a blog, David Hudson's Green Cine Daily gave the "Roger Corman Blog-A-Thon" a very nice mention:

25. Rod Barnett:

26. Mr. Ghoul:

27. Rhatfink:

28. Matt Zoller Seitz, The House Next Door:

29. Rod Barnett, Bloody Pit of Rod:

30. Pete Roberts, Cult Clash:

31. Anonymous, That Little Round-Headed Boy:

For those of you reading this entry after April 5, 2006, that's the date you'll need to look up to find the Corman Blog-A-Thon postings at each of the above addresses. Thanks to everyone who participated for making today's Blog-A-Thon a tremendous success!

"Look at it! It grows like a cold sore from the lip!" -- THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960)

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