Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Remo D. Hits One Hundred

Congratulations are also due to another VW contributor!

Shane M. Dallmann joined our Kennel in 1995 as an eloquent and insightful Godzilla commentator in VIDEO WATCHDOG SPECIAL EDITION #2, and he joined VW properly with issue #46, in 1998. But since January 2002, Shane has been moonlighting as "Remo D.," the debonair horror host of the Monterey, California-based public access telecast REMO D.'S MANOR OF MAYHEM. This coming weekend, Remo D. (pictured) will be serving up his... 100th feature film presentation!

Special times call for special pictures, and this weekend's honored cinematic spectacle will be the 1932 classic THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, starring Fay Wray, Leslie Banks, and Joel McCrea. Shane promises that the show will be "filled with surprises from both the past and the future!" This milestone broadcast also happens to be coinciding with this weekend's Monster Bash, so if you're attending with a laptop, why not entice some friends up to your room for a MANOR OF MAYHEM viewing party?

Air times are Friday, June 23rd through Sunday, June 25th... Friday and Saturday at 10:00PM Pacific, and Saturday and Sunday at 5:00AM Pacific, and it can be found in the Monterey area on Cable Channel 24 (AMP) or online at -- choose "Programs" and then "Live Stream" for Channel 24.

Our most frightful felicitations to Shane (a host with a hook, if ever there was one) and all of his crepuscular compatriots in the Manor of Mayhem!

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