Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SIGHT & SOUND No Zone - September 2006

I feel bad about disappointing you with another no-show today, but I've been proofreading the Bava book for the past twelve days (just finished the main text about 45 minutes ago) and going through a bad bout with insomnia. Even though I took a melatonin tablet and three Sleep Tight capsules during the course of last night, I couldn't sleep a wink, and I slept very little the night before. I close my eyes, I try to sleep, but there's the Bava book, dancing in my head like a 15-pound sugar plum. It won't let me think of anything else long enough for me to fall asleep, so I'm a zombie and blogging is out of the question right now. Thanks for your understanding.

Fortunately, the SIGHT & SOUND website has posted my latest "No Zone" column, so I'll direct you over there for your daily dose of TL.

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