Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Dozen Year Itch

Fans of documentary filmmaker Ross McElwee's work are sure to remember the astonishing moment in BRIGHT LEAVES when he pays a visit to never-met cousin John McElwee, who turns out to be even more film-obsessed than himself. Particularly interesting is the moment when John produces his file on stills and memorabilia on Edgar G. Ulmer's THE BLACK CAT and produces a hand-written reply from actress Jacqueline Wells (aka Julie Bishop) to a fan letter he wrote to her twelve years earlier. In this recent entry on his essential blog Greenbriar Picture Shows, John pays tribute to Jacqueline/Julie by selecting her as his weekly Monday glamour girl, and takes the opportunity to reproduce her entire letter in full. Fascinating stuff.

It's been a particularly great run on GPS of late, so you might just as well go here and read from the top down, to see and learn more about THE RETURN OF CHANDU, THE MYSTERIOUS FU MANCHU and lots of other fun things.

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