Monday, December 11, 2006


SIGHT & SOUND has posted a sampling of the contents of their December issue on their website, well-worth checking out, including my review of Roy Ward Baker's 1967 Hammer film THE ANNIVERSARY, starring Bette Davis.

I was also asked to submit a list of my Top 5 films, and they have posted the lists of everyone who complied. I forgot all about WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE, for which I have been kicking myself, and didn't think to include the DVD release of Antonioni's THE PASSENGER (as someone else did); also, since submitting my list, I've seen a couple (if not a few) films that would definitely have knocked a couple of titles off my extant list, including Terry Zwigoff's ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL and what I found to be the most impressive film of the year, James McTeigue's V FOR VENDETTA -- neither of which appears to have made anyone else's list, more's the pity. I'm still looking forward to seeing 98% of the films that made the other lists, particularly CASINO ROYALE and THE DEPARTED.

Happiest outcome: Guillermo del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH made S&S's collective Top 10 list, even if I do flinch a bit at the injustice that it's only #10. It's a good sight better than THE QUEEN (which, mind you, also made my list).

Biggest "Wha?": Woody Allen's MATCH POINT (which I found to be one of his most bland films) made a couple of lists.

In another instance of a list of mine appearing online elsewhere, I've contributed lists of my Top 10 Jess Franco Films and a selection of my favorite Franco film moments to Robert Monell's blog I'm In A Jess Franco State of Mind.

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