Monday, March 05, 2007

RIP Otto Brandenburg 1934-2007

The Danish actor and singer, best-known to readers of this blog for his beautiful theme song for the Ib Melchior-scripted JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET (1963), died on March 1 at age 72. His film career actually began in 1958 and continued till his retirement in 2000; it included the role of "Hansen" in both series of Lars von Trier's influential THE KINGDOM. His song "Journey to the Seventh Planet" was cut from the film's end titles during its entire life on VHS, but happily restored to the more recent "Midnite Movies" DVD.

Here's to you, Otto:

Journey to the seventh planet
Come to me
Let your dreams become reality
I wait for you.

Somewhere on the seventh planet
Out in space,
You and I will find a magic place
Like lovers do.

And while we're up above,
We'll touch the stars
That we have wished upon.
There our love will take wings
And go on and on!

Journey to the seventh planet
In your eye
Let a spark of love begin to spy
For us to share

Seventh planet!
Seventh heaven!
If you learn to care
Our love will be beyond

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