Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello I Must Be Absent

It's been another two day week here on Video WatchBlog, for which you have my sincere apologies. We're deep in production on VW #133 right now. I've done a lot of writing this week, just very little writing here. Maybe I can make up for it sometime over the weekend, but today I'm supposed to proofread the issue, so I don't expect there will be time to do anything here other than post this early morning explanation.

Did any of you happen to catch OPERATION BIKINI on TCM? Strange movie, and I hope to comment on it in the days ahead. Oh yeah: I also need to tell you about the William Castle curio that snuck out on DVD recently. You may even own it and not know it. Alas, no time.

Before I zip on out of here, a hearty Congratulations and Many Happy Returns to the author of VW's current cover story, my pal David J. Schow, who adds another candle to his cake today.

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