Monday, November 19, 2007

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Wonderfest Reunion 2007. Front L to R: Me, Donna, Chris & Lisa Herzog, Linda Wylie. Rear L to R: Jeffrey Nelson, Gary Prange, Randy Fox, Troy Guinn, Janet Conover, John Davis, Allie Conover, Carrie Galloway, Dave Conover, Tom Weaver (as himself), Tim Keegan, Harry Hatter, Ethan Black, Donnie Waddell. Photo by the incomparable Joe Busam.

Donna and I spent a terrific weekend with beloved and kindred spirits in Louisville, Kentucky, where we participated in the first-ever, under-the-radar WonderFest Reunion. Last May, it was expressed by several of us that it was going to be a long wait till we all saw one another at the next Wonderfest in July 2008, so Gary Prange and Donnie Waddell arranged for a sooner get-together to happen. No exhibits, no banquets, no guest stars, no Rondo Award ceremonies, and no karaoke... but the same hotel and, thanks to the management of the Executive West Hotel, Gary and Donnie were able to play host to us all in the very same suite where the Old Dark Clubhouse was held at the previous Wonderfest in late May. Lots of great up-till-the-wee-hours conversation, interesting screenings from both DVD-R and 16mm, a side trip to an antique toy mall, a trivia contest, etc.

Six of us broke away from the carnivorous majority on Saturday night to have what turned out to be the greatest sushi experience of our lives. I've eaten sushi in Cincinnati, Newport, Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but the very best I've ever had, bar none, was at Sapporo Japanese Grill and Sushi on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. (I particularly recommend the VIP and Godzilla rolls.) I am now nursing a serious fantasy about moving to the Bardstown Road area now -- and not just for the sushi; it seemed like a great, vibrant, little community with lots of interesting shops, restaurants, and people.

My "No Zone" column review of Criterion's BREATHLESS [A bout de souffle, 1959] is now available for reading here at the SIGHT & SOUND website. It's also featured in the current issue.

There are now four more additions to the Studio Kaiju webcam interview with Donna and me, which can be found with the earlier two here. The Reboy family are now titling the segments so that interested viewers can preview the topics of discussion.

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