Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our First Webcam Interview

Last Sunday, Donna and I were interviewed by Colin Reboy of through the modern miracle of webcam. Colin (a precocious 8th grader) and his parents, Judy and Joe Reboy, have just added a new department to their website, called "Ink," which will focus on interviewees who (as Joe aptly puts it) "work in non-volatile information formats such as books, magazines and canvas."

Our interview, which ran for about half an hour, is being used to inaugurate this new department. The Reboys plan to publish the interview in three or four 8-10-minute segments, the first of which is now available for viewing here. We talk about all kinds of things, mostly about VIDEO WATCHDOG and its editorial interests and policies, in passing about the Bava book, and also about movies in general and my viewing habits. I got a real kick out of watching this first segment; it looks like Colin is communicating with a couple of characters out of Pupi Avati's ZEDER.

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