Monday, December 03, 2007

VW 136 Nearly There

It's been a long week and an even longer weekend here at Chez Watchdog as we've scrambled to finish VIDEO WATCHDOG #136, our special GRINDHOUSE issue, on schedule. John Charles had to proofread this issue before it was illustrated and, as you can see on our website's Coming Soon page, we have the cover (oh mama) and a partial list of contents up now, but the preview pages aren't quite ready to be previewed yet. But does that matter when Charlie Largent presents us with a cover image this striking, this sensuous, this three-dimensional, this rip-roaring? Go ahead: click on it, make it bigger.

Pardon my paternal pride, but this has turned out to be another killer issue. Knowing that our GRINDHOUSE Round Table Discussion was going to be the core of #136, I thought it might be a good idea to complement it as well as possible by using reviews only of those movies that actually played in grindhouses, or which I could easily imagine playing in such places. There are a couple of exceptions, like Ramsey Campbell writing about KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE but, on the whole, it's very consistent -- 80 pages of fun, feverish, high-falutin' talk and thought about international trash cinema, every page dense with color images and maniacal, movie-addicted information.

And it's coming your way in January.

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