Friday, May 30, 2008

Das Geheimnis von meinem Birthday-Blues

It's my birthday today, and to those of you who have written to wish me well... thank you for remembering, but your wishes haven't worked. Today I'm running a slight fever, feeling head-achy and fatigued, and the ticklish little dry cough that started up a couple of days ago has turned into one of those jabbings-of-a-thousand-pinpricks sensations that must be suppressed at any cost. So I'm not exactly the poster boy for birthday fun. On the plus side, I'm not feeling too sick to watch a movie (or to blog, apparently), so maybe I'll do what I do best and watch a movie in a language I don't understand.

Speaking of which, look who recently published his autobiography! And he's not the only '60s Euro star who has written one: check this out! What do you think the chances are, of these being translated into English? Ja, I agree... but in Germany, both of these stars have recorded Audio CD versions of their books.

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