Thursday, May 15, 2008

More On JPL

JPL as the Red Baron in VON RICHTOFEN AND BROWN (1970).

Though the cause of John Phillip Law's death remains unreported, it was disclosed by Chris Casey today on the Spaghetti Western Web board that John's good friend, actor Ted Markland, had been keeping the confidence that John was told he had about six months left to live. With this in mind, I'm thanking God that I finished the Bava book when I did and was able to get it into his hands.

In brighter news, correspondent Simon Birrell informs me that Carlos Aguilar, the author of the Glittering Images/Bizarre Sinema! book on Jess Franco, is about to release an in-depth book about the life and career of John Phillip Law. Simon writes: "It's terrible that John missed it by a few weeks (although he got to see the proofs). The book will be released in a bi-lingual (English & Spanish) edition with a ton of photos and illustrations."

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