Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Rebecca Umland!

After Donna, VIDEO WATCHDOG's most constant female presence over the years has undoubtedly been Rebecca A. Umland, who is celebrating a birthday today. (I know I've been using this blog to send out a lot of birthday greetings of late, but, if you look over your own list of friends, chances are you'll find that more of them were born in one month than any other -- and September seems to be that month for us.)

As best I can tell, Becky and her good husband Sam have been reviewing films for VW since our 45th issue, beginning with their coverage of Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN, and our affiliation -- amazingly, now in its tenth year -- has been a very happy one for us. She and Sam are both faculty members at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (where TERMS OF ENDEARMENT was filmed!) and they've written some fine books together, including the recent DONALD CAMMELL: A LIFE ON THE WILD SIDE. They have also been regular contributors to the annual Favorite DVDs of the Year posted here at Video WatchBlog. Donna and I finally got to meet the Umlands (and their son John) a couple of summers ago when they swung through town, and enjoyed a most memorable evening of conversation and laughter together -- the kind that made us wish they lived closer. You can read all about it in my WatchBlog posting of July 17, 2006.

In reply to an e-card that we sent her, Becky tells us that Sam is presently engaged in playing a major role in a local stage production of Chekhov's THREE SISTERS, which is in rehearsal later this evening, so they are planning an early dinner with cake and a nice bottle of red wine. Sounds like a plan! So here's to Becky Umland... Happy Birthday, dear, and Many Happy Returns!

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