Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Announcements

Donna has asked me to announce that we are currently offering a Holiday Discount on all of our products and services at Just click on the link on our home page, and you'll be led to a special code that will help you save 10% on your next order of $20 or more. That's almost $30 off the cost of the Bava book alone!

Secondly, by popular demand (truly), we have finally launched a VW CafePress store at Some of you have been pleading with us for years to reissue our classic design black VW T-shirt, and it's finally available again, along with some other designs and a plethora of other VW logo products (including coffee mugs!), as well as some items bearing Charlie Largent's "Mask of Satan" design from the binding cover of the Bava book. Even more "Mask" items will be added to the page sometime next week! A nice place to do some one-stop-shopping for that hard-to-please VIDEO WATCHDOG reader in your life.

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