Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Garrulous About Garrel

Here's my monthly link to my NoZone review in the pages of the current SIGHT AND SOUND, which this month is about two films by Philippe Garrel: I CAN NO LONGER HEAR THE GUITAR and EMERGENCY KISSES. Worth knowing about, especially for fans of Nouvelle Vague cinema and fans of the late Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico.

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  1. Tim. Interesting review of GUITAR and KISSES. I saw Garrel's FRONTIERE DE L'AUBE last night, my first by the director, and assumed it to be informed by his relationship with Nico too. His son Louis is a photographer haunted by a former lover to the point of distraction from his ongoing life and love. It disappoints me to think of Garrel still "doing" that affair 20-30 years later, but I guess that's what Nico can do to a person. Though the film didn't work on other levels as well, I have to admit it and its characters stuck with me, and I'll certainly check out the next thing of his that comes through town. Thanks for your insights on the earlier works, and I second your interest in seeing the Nico films becoming available.


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