Monday, July 27, 2009

Tim & Donna in the Mystery Box

The latest installment of Robert Jaz's "The Mystery Box" over at the Forces of Geek website interviews Donna and I at length on the occasion of VIDEO WATCHDOG's 20th anniversary and the publication of our 150th issue. There's also an exclusive photo or two, including one of me looking very bummed about the shirt cardboard on which our first issue was printed. We thank Robert for his kind interest and generous attention!


  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Truly wonderful article in Faces Of Geek. Nice to read about the history of VW. I remember reading your Video Watchdog column in Gorezone many moons ago. Had it not been for your articles, I wouldn't have found Franco, Lynch, Deodato, Argento, etc... quite so easily. I could only imagine at the time what the films that you described would be like. I should note that my mom, Carol, is the coolest mom in the world and supported my interest in horror films. She got me my first subscription to Fangoria right about the time that you were involved with that publication. Then I found Gorezone and Video Watchdog. I was about 13 years old when I first began reading your work. I am now 33. I grew up with your articles, Holy Works to my young mind that I read and re-read over and over. I still refer to them when I want a good read to take me back. I will say that your work helped to shape my interest in film and filmmaking forever. At times, when things got bad at home, I would put my head into my Gorezone magazines and shut the world out for awhile until things blew over. So, I finish up this rambling with a huge thanks for all the years of your work, and your appreciation of all things film. Keeping fighting the good fight. Tim, Donna and all of your fellow contributors, NEVER QUIT!

    Ricky D. Snyder
    Copenhagen, NY

  2. Just wanted to wish you and Donna a warm and hearty congratualtions on the milestone 150th issue. In an age where print publications funded by million dollar corporations go down regularly, the fact that Video Watchdog has remained strong for so long is a tribute to you both..and a tribute to the consistent brilliance of VW. Long live Video Watchdog!

  3. Tim Lucas8:48 PM

    Thank you, Ricky and Jeremy, for those wonderful words of support. I've had a lot of time off and now I'm trying to rev up my engine to assemble the next issue!

  4. Ricky D. Snyder8:51 PM

    I've been checking out issue 150 for the last two days. I'm truly enjoying it. Congratulations on your ongoing run for all these years. I can't wait for the next issue. I like the fact that you are reviewing movies found online. I believe that this will certainly broaden the scope of Video Watchdog and the also the perspectives of the readers. Thanks.


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