Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What Gets Your Dark-On?

I recently saw a reference to DARKON (2006), a documentary about the gaming subculture, and thought to myself, "Now there's a word that should be hyphenated." So here's my latest contribution to the lingo of the horror culture: "dark-on." As in, "I've got a real dark-on for Jess Franco movies." Or "I've got a dark-on for H.P. Lovecraft stories."

Okay, people -- go to town with it! And don't forget to send me my cut, should it become profitable for you. ; )

In the meantime, tell me... What gets YOUR dark-on?

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  1. Tim Butler1:42 AM

    Fritz Leiber's "A Bit of the Dark World" never seems to lose it's potency or retro charm. The short story of mid-century, Lucky Strike puffing, L.A. socialites menaced by amorphous, cosmic horrors still has the capacity to unnerve. Also, a good "eye popper" by Dick Ayers from Eerie publications Tales of Voodoo, Witches Tales, Tales from the Tomb, etc.


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