Monday, August 24, 2009

WOODSTOCK reviewed

My review of Warner Home Video's new Blu-ray disc release of Michael Wadleigh's WOODSTOCK is now posted on the SIGHT AND SOUND website, and appears in the current September 2009 issue -- on newsstands now. (Remember newsstands?) This issue also contains capsule assessments of 50 different filmmakers gathered under the rubric "The Mad, the Bad and the Dangerous," to which I contributed critical summaries of Mario Bava, Ken Russell and Andrzej Zulawski... but you won't find those free online. VW's Kim Newman and Brad Stevens also contributed.


  1. Cool-looking Sight & Sound issue!
    We'd also love to hear your reaction to last night's TRUEBLOOD episode, "New World in My View." What the heck was that?!

  2. I am watching the second season of TRUEBLOOD with conflicting emotions. I thought they were on to something significant with the "young" vampire leader who infected Eric and whose long immortality had given him a pacific wisdom beyond the scope of his followers. But all the stuff with the Maenad and her dionysian parties has gone on far too long, as did the shallow satire of the preacherman and his cute bubblehead wife. The WTH? episode you mention was pretty much off the rails, I agree.


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