Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Look: VIDEO WATCHDOG #151

Visit the "Coming Soon" department at the VIDEO WATCHDOG website for full details and a free, four-page preview selection!


  1. dave starry1:21 PM

    Really looking forward to the reviews of the Creepy and Eerie Archives. Some of my favorite comics as a youngster and I've been collecting them as they come out. I find the early issues (which have been released thus far) to be not quite as good as the stories I remember reading in the 70s when I collected the original magazines, so I'm looking forward to Charlie Largent's take.

  2. nothing beats the VW logo in stark black and white! great cover!

  3. Now if someone can do a retrospective on the seventie's exploitation film MARK OF THE DEVIL along with a handy "recyclable" barf bag, that would be nice to see on the cover. Is there a 3D issue coming-up, complete with glasses?? May for the 200th issue...

  4. I think I agree with Sammy about the simple power of the black and white logo. Thanks for pointing it out!


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