Friday, September 25, 2009

THE HOWL reviewed

Tina Aumont in THE HOWL (L'URLO), directed by Tinto Brass.

My review of Tinto Brass's THE HOWL (Cult Epics) appears in the new issue of SIGHT & SOUND, but now you can also read it for free on their website here.
I've also just screened Cult Epics' forthcoming disc of the third film in Brass's "Swinging London" trilogy, ATTRACTION (aka NEROSUBIANCO), and am happy to report that it's the Radley Metzger English dub, bearing the silly screen title THE ARTFUL PENETRATION OF BARBARA. Taken from a 16mm print, it's somewhat tightly framed but the most complete version of the film I've ever seen, including a health spa sequence I'd never seen before, and without any of the obscuring animated spirographic overlays that appear in the shorter Italian version to obscure nudity. Joyously free-form, pop- and op-artish, and pushed along by a Greek chorus of baroque rock performances by Freedom (a Procol Harum splinter group), it's my favorite of Brass's films and I feel as though I've now seen it for the first time.

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