Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miracle Girl

I encourage all Video Watchblog readers to visit the new website of actress/filmmaker Irene Miracle -- best remembered as the female lead in Alan Parker/Oliver Stone's MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, the young heroine of Aldo Lado's THE NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS and certainly as the initial protagonist of Dario Argento's INFERNO.

Irene has recently directed her first short film, DAWNLAND, the poetic 18th century story of a young white girl's adoption by and assimilation into the Native American Abenaki tribe of Vermont, which was chosen to be featured at the recent Selento International Film Festival in Selento, Italy. It's a lovely film with obviously personal associations for its maker, who dedicated the film to her mother and grandmother. She intends DAWNLAND to be the first film in a trilogy of related shorts to be collected under the umbrella title "Champlain Suite," referring to the Lake Champlain setting which all three projected stories share in common.

The website is offering copies of DAWNLAND for sale; there's also a clip there for viewing, as well as a "director's statement" about the project. Irene's fans will also be excited to learn that her website is also making available, for the first time, autographed photos -- including choice shots from INFERNO, some of them in color. (She confessed to me that she had a hard time coming to grips with celebrity, and for many years refused autograph requests because she couldn't understand why her signature should be considered more desirable than anyone else's -- so there aren't many signed pictures of her in circulation... yet.) There's also a fully annotated photo gallery to make a visit well worth your clicks, a stunning assortment of film, stage and rare modelling shots.


  1. Mike S.10:47 AM


    Tim, could you please add an RSS feed to your blog. Things like that make life a bit easier!

  2. I am asked this all the time. Video WatchBlog was made available as an RSS feed at one time. Almost immediately, I was able to discover via referrals that my writing was turning up on other people's blogs, presented as their work, with no mention of my name or copyright. I cannot allow this, so, sorry, no RSS feeds. I am obviously not in this for the money, but if I cannot assure myself even of ownership, there is no reason to do this. So I must inflict on my readers the hardship of Favorite Placing this URL and clicking on it occasionally.

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  4. I removed Stephen's post because the website ordering problem it noted should be fixed by now. Irene Miracle and I thank him for calling it to attention.


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