Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coming Into Los Angeles

I'm very happy to announce that I will be making a personal appearance, one week from tonight, on October 17th, at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

I will have the privilege of introducing and conducting a Q&A with star Irene Miracle prior to a midnight screening of Dario Argento's INFERNO, the hypnotic second chapter in his "Three Mothers" trilogy. This film was also the last project Mario Bava worked on prior to his death in 1980, and I'll speak a bit about the anonymous special effects contributions that Bava supervised for the picture.

This will be Irene's first US public appearance in many years, and my own first public appearance in Los Angeles since the American Cinematheque's Mario Bava retrospective of 1993, so please come out and join us!

I hear the 35mm print of INFERNO looks spectacular, so it promises to be a fireball of an evening!


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Would love to go Tim, but I just moved from L.A. to Missouri of all places. Drats! Have a great time!

  2. Tim. I went to the NY screening of Argento's Inferno at BAM Cinematek last September and although the print was beautiful, the mostly younger audience there behaved rather badly with the film, laughing at the film and making fun of it thruout the screening, to the consternation of us serious Argento fans there present. I really hope that you and Irene don't have a similar experience at the New Beverly Cinema this October 17th. By the way, the Walter Reade Theater at NYC's Lincoln Center will screen the 110 minute version of Argento's PHENOMENA aka CREEPERS as part of this October's Scary Movies retrospective on October 14th and 18th, where I hope the audience there will be more respectful and receptive to the film.

  3. When it comes to the scene when Gabriele Lavia asks, "You mean those black singers?," I will probably laugh along with everyone else! As host, I will encourage respectful viewing, but I want people to enjoy themselves too.

  4. I know, Tim, but the litmus point at any every INFERNO film screening I have gone to is the scene at the very beginning of the film, when Irene as Rose Elliot goes to Kazanian's bookshop to talk to Kazanian about the Three Mothers Book after she mails her letter to her brother Mark. When Kazanian says that infamous line to Rose that"the world of the living is governed by dead people", if the audience doesn't snicker or laugh at that line, the screening will be smooth sailing. If they do laugh at that line, then it's my past experience of seeing INFERNO with that type of audience, that the screening will be a real chore to sit though with that audience. But I sincerely hope that sanity will prevail and that both you and Irene have a fine screening of INFERNO at the New Beverly Theater. Just keep us posted here on your blog on how that screening turns out.

  5. I certainly will, Alan. I believe it's going to be a great, great evening.

  6. Anonymous1:50 PM

    The Beverly crowd is usually a good group.

    I'm a regular there.

    I can't promise that there will be no laughing. But rarely has it taken real bad. There used to be a group of guys that had to run a running commentary through the movies but luckily haven't seen them lately. One of them yelled out my name during a porn screening so that was kinda creepy.

    We laughed all through Shocker but how could you not?

    This is Allison from facebook

  7. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Alan, your die hard loyalty is touching, but honestly, I find that audiences will giggle whenever they are uncomfortable--these kind of films are always about the libido, being able to laugh or scream at what normally doesn't feel comfortable or acceptable in one's 'day to day' life. Not to mention that horror films of YOR where not nearly as sophisticated as our current market demands. In respect to our screening Oct. 17th: I will request that the audience have fun. I'd rather laughter to walking out on the film!

  8. Thanks for hosting this screening, Tim! Had I been quicker on the trigger, I would've called out "you mean those black singers?" when you asked if the crowed had heard of the Three Mothers. It was certainly a handsome print, and the guests were all affable, funny and shared interesting anecdotes I had not heard before (Keith Emerson was hilarious -- I will never watch INFERNO again without flashing on the image of Argento guzzling airline cognac in the bathroom and getting sick at the premiere).

    And yes, the audience laughed when informed that their very lives are governed by dead people. But they were also jumping and sinking in their seats at appropriate times (and the moiling soundtrack was cranked up to LOUD). All in all, the most fun audience atmosphere one can imagine for a film with disorientation and unease as primary goals.

  9. I was hoping for that exact same response when I asked that question, Chris, but since no one bit, I pressed on with my talk. We all felt the response to the dialogue was pitch-perfect; the occasional chuckles added to the evening's enjoyment, didn't detract from it at all. It was such a great evening, and I'm about to post some pictures.

  10. i wish i can go there. have a nice time lucas


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