Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Donna (seen here in our 35th anniversary photo, taken yesterday) joins me in sending to all Video WatchBlog readers -- that most mercilessly teased of species under the sun -- our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday and New Year!

We were hoping to have our new issue back from the printer in time for a pre-holiday mailing, but that didn't happen... subsequently, our work in the first days of 2010 is cut out for us. My apologies for not assembling a "Favorite DVDs of the Year" list from the lists of our various contributors, as has always been our tradition here, but I was under the gun with another deadline and couldn't manage it. The next issue will feature my own list of favorite discs from 2009 in my editorial, however.

Stay well, and keep checking back. You never know.

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