Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Farewell to Carol Marsh

I just learned from the Classic Horror Film Boards that CAROL MARSH, the British actress best remembered as Lucy in Hammer's DRACULA (HORROR OF DRACULA, 1958), has passed away at the age of 80. Marsh, who made a wonderful Alice in the 1949 version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, ironically passed away on March 6, the day after the release of Tim Burton's new version. As memorable as she was in both films, my favorite of her roles may well be her first, as the strangely feral innocent enamored of Richard Attenborough's kid gangster Pinky in BRIGHTON ROCK (1947, pictured).


  1. Shawn M. Garrett6:38 PM

    Holy cats! I just saw BRIGHTON ROCK for the first time last Saturday at the AFI SILVER's Brit-Noir festival and was really moved by the ending (I'd never had it spoiled for me, thank goodness!). She really was great in that.

  2. Shawn, if you liked the ending of the movie, I would urge you to read the novel by Graham Greene, which ends differently. It's one of the most chilling, downbeat finales I've ever read. I believe Greene was annoyed by the need to rewrite the story's ending, but they came up with an inspired solution to the problem of needing a more upbeat final curtain.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Truly a wonderful actress, one I've been familiar with since I first saw her in ALICE IN WONDERLAND as a child. I am glad to have seen BRIGHTON ROCK for the first time last year, and she is my favorite incarnation of Lucy in DRACULA. She was also very effective in her brief but crucial part in the Alastair Sim verion of SCROOGE. I agree that her performance in BRIGHTON ROCK is excellent, and I will have to revisit all four of these great movies in her honor.

    This is off topic, but I have to say, Tim, I love your Mario Bava commentaries. You do a fantastic job!

  4. As a kid, seeing her fear-stricken reaction to Peter Cushing's sudden brandishing of the cross in HORROR OF DRACULA made me shudder !

    AMAZING performance !


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