Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Look: VIDEO WATCHDOG #158

In VIDEO WATCHDOG #s 114 and 132, Bill Cooke covered the entire Johnny Weissmuller catalogue of Tarzan pictures. In the forthcoming VW #158, film journalist Frederic Lombardi makes his VW debut with a critical overview of the five Tarzan films made immediately following Weissmuller's departure -- starring Lex Barker, Cheeta and five different Janes! All of these films, as well as the follow-up adventures starring Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry, are all now available from the Warner Archive Collection.

Also in this well-rounded issue, I wax nostalgic on my life-long love affair with the poster for THE ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER (1958), Shane M. Dallmann tackles a host of recent genre blockbusters (SAW VI, HALLOWEEN II and ORPHAN), Kim Newman is tickled by William Grefé's Floridian frights STING OF DEATH and THE DEATH CURSE OF TARTU, Ramsey Campbell burrows into the horror western THE BURROWERS, Douglas E. Winter documents the shortcomings of the soundtrack releases of Michael Mann's MANHUNTER, Constantine Nasr reviews Bill Warren's gigantic KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES - THE 21ST CENTURY EDITION, and my "Watchdog Barks" editorial ponders the escalating absurdity of the Blu-ray supplemental extra.

Go here for a preview of the issue, including four free sample pages and a complete rundown of what's inside!


  1. Dave Hammond12:27 AM

    How fantastic that Ramsey Campbell is covering The Burrowers! It took me forever to catch up with it, despite it being recommended by good friends. When I did, I was surprised to find a film that worked as an excellent western, as well as a good horror movie. It has a very Peckinpah feel to it, mixed in with a generous helping of Lovecraft. Great to see it getting some recognition!

  2. I'm going to have to get this one. Looks very interesting.


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