Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tura! Tura! Tura! (1935 - 2011)

Tura Satana in Russ Meyer's FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! (1966)

It's like when Mitchum passed.
I tell myself, if Tura Satana can die, none of us is exempt.
I'll remember her not merely as a beautiful face or as a low-cut, tightly packed blouse, but as a clenched fist, encased in black leather and raised in righteous defiance of hard life and its inevitable repossession. A worthy image to leave behind, and not her only one.

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  1. What a magnificent woman she was. I'll take her kick-ass charisma over gender feminism's whining shrews any day. Hail and farewell!


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