Monday, June 13, 2011

First Look: VIDEO WATCHDOG #163

Our next issue -- sporting a beautiful piece of original art by the inimitable Charlie Largent -- features Part 1 of my Eddie Constantine/Lemmy Caution retrospective (with input from his son Lemmy Constantine), an in-depth interview with Eddie's daughter and collaborator Tanya Constantine, Stephen R. Bissette's VW return with an appreciative essay about the 1967 horror feature THE FROZEN DEAD, and my DVD Spotlight on Bob Rafelson's Monkees film HEAD (which approaches it as part of a narrative arc begun with two earlier Jack Nicholson films, THE TERROR and THE TRIP).

You can now flip through the entire issue, and read selected pages, by simply visiting our website and clicking on the Coming Soon option!

On sale July 5!


  1. I'd love to know if the flip-book is working out OK for everybody!

  2. Dave Starry6:27 PM

    Yes, it's working great for me. I started to read Tim's editorial, but then realized I'd be spoiling the great feeling I get when the issue comes in the mail and I first get to sit down with the actual magazine in hand. I did flip through most of the pages just to get a brief preview and they were all visible -- a few large enought to read and most just a smaller 'thumbnail'.

  3. Same here... Works pretty fine and with the ominous sound of those loud pages turning. BUT... count me among the ones who can't stand to have their VW spoiled in advance. I didn't flip past page 4 or 5. Call me a fan but, for the past twenty years, uncovering and discovering the hard copy, and this includes the layout and photographs, has been a treat I'm not quite ready to give up yet.

  4. That's fine! Don't mean to spoil anything for you! Not every page is readable in the teaser, and we're hoping it might attract people who don't have a subscription yet. And if you sign up for the Specials mailing list, you might get to see some out-of-print issues showing up in that format (fully readable). Not for the general public though - just for Specials subscribers - and it's free. Go to to get on the list.

  5. I saw in Tim comments at the CHFB that Bill Cooke is going to write a retrospective of William Conrad's directorial career. I've got to believe I would only get to read such a thing in Video Watchdog


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