Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Anthony Fremont's Last Laugh

I'm not listing the episodic television I watch on my new Pause. Rewind. Obsess. blog, but I just finished enjoying my latest viewing of the classic TWILIGHT ZONE episode "It's A Good Life" from Season 3, followed by a listen to Bill Mumy's fun commentary. I think it's the very best (and subtlest) of Rod Serling's many tyrant-themed TZ episodes, and I was especially pleased to be reminded of the brilliant end credits image, which Mumy himself failed to mention or notice. It's a shot of the much-mentioned cornfield we never see in the episode itself, which ends the program on the chilling note that, no matter how much we may have liked meeting little Anthony Fremont, he must have decided he didn't care for us very much... and wished us all away.

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  1. "No talking when the music's playing" sounds like stuff I yell out at my house when I have impolite and unruly guests! Truly one of the most terrifying of the TZ stories. It's aged very well and still manages to make your imagination come up with some horrific images that will curl your blood. This little omnipotent monster still freaks me out. I always try to figure out a way to bash his head in without my thoughts giving away my intentions...


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