Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I Dream of Bruce

Dreamed that it was late, the wee hours, and raining heavily. Donna and I were working on the back of our television when the doorbell rang.

I checked the porch and, to my surprise, saw Bruce Springsteen standing there, smiling wryly and shrugging his shoulders as if to say "Why me? Why me all the time?" Of course I let him in and he explained that he'd had a flat a block or so away and mine was the first house he'd seen with its lights still on.

"I don't like to go around, waking people up, just to tell 'em my troubles," he mumbled in a chipper, upbeat way, as he stepped inside, shaking the rain off like a sheepdog.

I invited Bruce to take a seat and he chose to sit on the floor of my foyer ("No need to treat me special"), and encouraged me to go back to whatever I was doing; AAA would be there "soon enough."

I walked over to Donna and whispered "Hey look, it's Bruce Springsteen!"

She whispered back, "You're right! Say, do we have any of his albums? Get 'em signed."

I started going through our music inventory in my head and realized we did have one of his albums, my favorite. I walked over to Bruce and told him how I liked one of his albums especially.

"Oh yeah?" he said, looking genuinely surprised. "Which one?"

I told him it was the one about his conversion to Catholicism, but I couldn't remember the title. This was so embarrassing -- to not be able to remember the title of a "favorite" album, a record I was about to ask him to sign... but he couldn't remember it either! I went to look for the album on vinyl but didn't really know what I was looking for.

Finally, Bruce called out from the next room, "Hey, you know, I think it was called somethin' like... BRING OUT THE BODIES!"

That was it! I found the album and brought it back to Bruce with a Sharpie and we both started laughing when we saw it was an Elvis Costello record.

"It could be worse," he finally managed to say. "You could'a handed me my flat tire!" Then we laughed even harder, till we were both red in the face.

I woke up smiling.

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