Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Look: VIDEO WATCHDOG 171

It's a goodie. Those of you who are only happy when we cover MONSTERS will find plenty to enjoy in this issue! Here's our usual link to a free preview. This issue has already shipped to subscribers and retailers.

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  1. Exorcist II! Yay! Why have I only just spotted this? I asked Mark Kermode via email in 1997 after his BFI book on The Exorcist was released if he'd consider doing one on the bizarre gestation of its sequel, to which he replied he didn't think there was much of an audience for a book explaining how bad a film was. Despite an amazing cast, score, effects work and photography, he has a point! Odd artistic decisions, missed opportunities, poor performances and over-eager audience expectations meant it would never work. Hopefully, you've filled that gap and written that book so that Mark Kermode doesn't have to.


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