Tuesday, July 16, 2013


As promised earlier, here is John Charles' statement about Lianne Spiderbaby's feature article in the about-to-be-released VIDEO WATCHDOG 174:

Once evidence of Lianne Spiderbaby’s plagiarism was posted online, I decided to examine the “Emmanuelle et Emanuelle” piece we have upcoming in VIDEO WATCHDOG 174 to see whether there were any instances of impropriety. I did this by entering 50% or more of each paragraph into Google and examining the results. What I got were random word matches that did not seem to constitute plagiarism and thus I told my editor, Tim Lucas, that the article seemed to pass muster.
This result was backed up in my mind when Tim reached out to Lianne about the controversy and asked about the work she had submitted to us. She replied,
"The Emmanuelle piece and the Skin piece I wrote for you is entirely my work.  It's my writing.” 
However, in light of further revelations, I decided to look at the article again using a different, more intensive method of searching that ultimately contradicted her claim of the work being entirely original.

Here are some examples that surfaced within the EMANUELLE IN AMERICA section. The passages in question have been taken from a review of the film on the Monsters at Play site by Lawrence P. Raffel that can be found here.
LS: "Emanuelle remains at a distance when she watches a woman getting off to a grotesque 8mm snuff film"
Monsters at Play review: "Emanuelle stumbles upon the fact that some of these richie folk are actually getting off on watching grotesque 8mm snuff films!"

LS: Emanuelle is willing to go the extra mile(s) to get a new and fresh scoop

Monsters at Play review:a nosy reporter fashion photographer who's always willing to go the extra mile for a fresh scoop

LS: powerful businessman named Eric Van Darren (Lars Bloch). Van Darren is a real winner; he keeps women of every astrological sign in his mansion

Monsters at Play review:  wealthy businessman Eric Van Darren. Van Darren's harem is comprised of one woman for each astrological sign

LS:  In the midst of a Caligula-like orgy

Monsters at Play review:  in the midst of a Caligula-like orgy

LS: an island where unattractive women can go to purchase sex from gorgeous young men

Monsters at Play review: some bizarre island where unattractive rich women can buy the services of nubile young men!
This was the extent of my examination as it was enough to indicate that the article was not wholly original, as promised.
In addition to what Tim and I have posted, this unfortunate occurrence will be discussed further in VIDEO WATCHDOG 175 for the benefit of our print readers.

John Charles

Associate Editor


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