Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hot Digital Dog!

You've asked for it and, after months of intensive labor and development... we've done it!

VIDEO WATCHDOG is going digital... and so is my Saturn Award-winning book MARIO BAVA - ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK!

And they're not coming soon... they're available NOW!

Get 'em for your PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and anything that supports Flash. Head over to our website and read all the juicy details. But there are some things you'll want to know...

First things first:
No, we are not abandoning print. VIDEO WATCHDOG will continue to be published the way it has always been! The print version gets done first and while it's at the printer, we'll knuckle down to the digital edition -- loading it up with interactive material (trailers, pop-ups, audio samples and extra content) that will bring you, as our reader, much closer to the films and other subjects under discussion. Just look for all the little play arrows and icons, feel your way around... I'll explain more when you get there! This is a wholly immersive experience, like reading VIDEO WATCHDOG in 3-D.

And here's the sweet part...
Each new digital edition of VIDEO WATCHDOG will be absolutely free!

What? Are we crazy? You bet! Donna has conceived a business model for this baby that's sure to please everyone. Our back issues will be priced at $3.99. So as long as you get the current issue before it becomes a back issue, it's yours for the taking!

The digital version of my critical biography MARIO BAVA - ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK is reasonably priced at $29.99. Remember, text-wise, this is the equivalent of 10 regular-sized books, plus you need to factor in the value of its hundreds of meticulously restored, full color illustrations, many from the Bava family's own personal archives. To further sweeten the deal -- and make it an essential acquisition even for those who own and cherish the hard copy -- the Bava book has been likewise enhanced for its digital edition with a slew of trailers, commercials and short films. Most of these are available elsewhere online, but here they are uniquely cued to the story of Bava's life and career! We think it makes a great book even greater, but we're not quite done with it. We are planning to make further special amendments, additions and corrections to ATCOTD to coincide with the Mario Bava Centenary next year... and if you buy the book now, your copy will be automatically updated to our Centennial edition at the time of its publication! At no extra charge!

Our goal is to make this material available to all formats, but as of right now, at the time of this launch, they are available only for Flash (ie., your PC) and Apple products like the iPhone, iPod and (the ideal delivery system, in our opinion) the iPad.

When I got my first look at the Bava book on the iPad, I had the strange, elating sensation that I was finally seeing the book I labored so long to create in its native technology. I know the tangible book is a glorious thing, an epitome of the bookmaker's craft, but it's 12 pounds and bulky, so not the most comfortable book to hold and read. The hard copy is also a little expensive, as many of you have pointed out! But now, at last, it's within everyone's economic reach -- and easier to read and use than ever! Now the pages can be enlarged for detailed perusal without even an inkling of distortion... now the entire text is completely searchable so you can immediately access the information you're seeking (eliminating the need for the Index it took us six months to prepare!)... but, best of all, it's no longer 12 pounds! In its digital edition, the Bava book is now something you can carry with you anywhere. You can read it on the bus. You can read it in bed. In the dark!

What about those of you who use Android, Kindle Fire and the other formats?
Well, Donna is still working to make these, and our other future ePublications, adaptable to these and other formats. It will get done, but this much we can deliver now.

Since 1990, we at VIDEO WATCHDOG have made it our business to redefine what genre film criticism is, what a magazine about genre films can be, what a book about a genre filmmaker can encompass. This is the most important step we have taken since the publication of the Bava book in 2007, and it's only the beginning of a new era in our history.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our website, get your VIDEO WATCHDOG app, and experience the new digital realm we've envisioned!

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