Wednesday, November 27, 2013

VIDEO WATCHDOG Digital Archive at Kickstarter
On Monday, November 25, Donna and I took the bold step of launching a new Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to undertake the mammoth task of digitizing our entire back catalogue -- 174 issues plus two 178-page Special Editions -- and make it available on all devices: iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android, Nook HD, as well as PCs and Macs. We also intend to use this opportunity to do more than simply create a viewable pdf record of all we've done; we'll also be reinvigorating those thousands of pages with new interactive material!

VIDEO WATCHDOG prides itself on publishing content that doesn't grow old, and we are going to utilize our past material as a foundation for more creative expansion. Even our earliest reviews of VHS and LaserDisc releases remain pertinent as film criticism -- and we have a backlog of hundreds of feature articles and thousands of reviews that stand to become one of the most important archives of film reference, film thought and film discussion on the Internet. We are talking about more than 14,000 pages of the best writing from the best writers, critics, authors and thinkers specializing in genre cinema. That's roughly the equivalent of 40 books on a wide variety of topics, everything from classic to contemporary horror, martial arts cinema, Italian westerns, dark fantasy, film music, arthouse and grindhouse -- all of it searchable for the first time, so you could conceivably type any new topic that caught your fancy into your search engine and pull up everything VIDEO WATCHDOG ever had to say about it.

Donna has been working tirelessly and obsessively on this project for months, and by now you should have seen the incredible results of her efforts in our first digital issue, which is available FREE right here. For the first time, we're able to accommodate more pictures, more sounds, more information, even my own editorial annotations... How could our readers not want this x 176?

To realize this ambitious vision, we need numbers more than hefty contributions. Lots of people contributing modest but helpful amounts -- it's really that sort of grass roots support that's going to put us over the top! But for those of you who are able to contribute more, we've worked out a sizeable number of rewards to tempt you at different levels.

We urge you to click on the link above, watch the beautiful promo film that our friends at New Voyage Communications in Washington DC put together for us (with input from some of our most illustrious celebrity readers), and see what our campaign is all about!

UPDATE: Here is a direct link to our press release. 

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