Thursday, December 05, 2013

Daily Grindhouse Supports Video Watchdog Kickstarter Campaign

Yesterday we had a terrific posting of support by Geoff Hunt over at DAILY GRINDHOUSE, which I want to single-out for your attention. It touched on an aspect of our Kickstarter campaign that's especially important to me.
When Geoff observes that VIDEO WATCHDOG is as much a community as a magazine, he touches a warm nerve that runs to the heart of this campaign. Obviously, it's our goal to make all of our back issues available digitally, but it's just as importantly about the creation of a fully cross-platform app for our magazine that will also be applicable to all our issues still to come. The more encompassing our app can be, to include Android and Kindle Fire and Nook HD as well as our existing iPad/iPhone outlets, the larger our digital readership will be, the broader range our interactivity can enjoy, and the more successful we can be at bringing this community of like-minded people together.

Geoff mentions that he's made some good friends through a shared liking for VIDEO WATCHDOG. One of my favorite reader encounters took place when I was in Los Angeles making a personal appearance. One of the people there approached me and shook my hand, saying "Thanks for continuing to produce such a great magazine." I thanked him, and a moment later, he came back as though he had reconsidered something, and he leaned forward and whispered, "What I really meant to say is, Thank you for showing me that I'm not alone." I've been fortunate enough to hear a lot of laudatory things from people over the years, but I promise you this: there really is no finer compliment than this.

What Kind of Person Reads VIDEO WATCHDOG? They're the kind of person who used to uncap a Sharpie and circle the movies they couldn't afford to miss in the next week's TV GUIDE. The kind who have at least a dozen stories about staying up all night as a kid to watch something as urgent as FROM HELL IT CAME or PHAROAH'S CURSE at 4:30am. The kind who mightn't have cared for Westerns as a genre, but felt compelled to see every Western that Jacques Tourneur or Lucio Fulci ever made... and ended up loving Westerns as a result. The kind who can't let go of the vintage big-box VHS tapes in their collection - not only because the cover art is cool, but because the films are cropped and pan&scanned a certain way and "someone must keep a record." But they are mostly open-minded people obsessed with cinema, not as an escape but as a way of living, committed to an ongoing search for those special films that attract a special few with a special light.

Those are our people and VIDEO WATCHDOG lives to inform and entertain them. If you recognize yourself or someone you care about in that description, get involved in this important campaign!

Click here:

Make the VIDEO WATCHDOG Digital Archive a reality!

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