Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You'd Drink Too: Here's To June Squibb

June Squibb in Alexander Payne's NEBRASKA.

I love Bruce Dern. I have always loved Bruce Dern, and I took notice of him early, when he was terrorizing Teresa Wright on THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR. He's always real, always wonderful. He's wonderful in NEBRASKA too, but - I feel - not exceptionally so, at least not in comparison to everything else he's done. Not in comparison to the work he did in, say, Joe Dante's THE HOLE or in Coppola's TWIXT. Of course, if he wins the Oscar, I'll be a happy man - just to see his customary brilliance formally recognized and carved into stone along with the other greats. It's a respectable performance and a very decent deadpan film about the importance of human dignity, even illusory human dignity. But, to me, the one thing that really surprised and delighted me about NEBRASKA was June Squibb as Dern's wife.

Oh. My. Lord.

"If you were married to your mother, you'd drink too."

June Squibb is nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and I hope the voters will remember her and pay their respects.

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