Monday, May 05, 2014

He Introduced Spider-Man to the World

RIP Dick Ayers, the great Silver Age pencil and ink man who contributed most importantly to the Marvel Age of Comics, who has passed away at the age of 90. Ayers did his own work for titles as illustrious as TALES TO ASTONISH, STRANGE TALES, GHOST RIDER and an impressive 10-year run on SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS, but he may be best remembered as one of Jack Kirby's most beloved inkers in a fruitful run of monster, western and superhero comics including STRANGE TALES' unforgettable "Fin Fang Foom!" and some of the earliest issues of THE AVENGERS and THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Though the interior art was turned over to one of Marvel's most distinctive artists, Steve Ditko, Ayers inked Kirby's art on the issue of the magazine that introduced the Amazing Spider-Man to the world - his single-most iconic assignment in a career spanning 70 years.

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