Wednesday, May 14, 2014

VW 177 Nearing Completion

Donna, John and I are putting the finishing touches on VIDEO WATCHDOG 177, which is going to be a special Italian Crime issue consisting of new contributor George Pacheco's overview of the "poliziotteschi" films of the '70s and John Charles' detailed coverage of Raro Video's two Fernando Di Leo box sets, as well as his review of Mike Malloy's documentary on the subject, EUROCRIME! My own contributions to this issue include an in-depth review and comparison of the Euro and US versions of Roger Vadim's BLOOD AND ROSES and a lengthy look at Jess Franco's 1974 kinkfest THE HOT NIGHTS OF LINDA. Also SECONDS, THE BIG GUNDOWN, THE HAUNTING, FANTASTIC VOYAGE, Kim Newman on the latest Charlie Chan releases, and (I mean it) much more!

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