Monday, March 02, 2015

Rondo Award Nominations for 2014 Announced - Vote NOW!

This morning, David Colton announced the nominees for the 2014 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Film Awards, which will be presented at Wonderfest in Louisville, Kentucky, on the last Saturday evening in May. This year, there are nominees in 26 categories as well as an additional 9 write-in categories. You can follow this handy link to the complete ballot.

As far as those nominations concerning VIDEO WATCHDOG, me or this blog are concerned, we were very happy to receive a total of 10 nominations.

Best Magazine
Best Article: "Ghost Stories for Christmas" by Kier-La Janisse from VW # 176. READ IT HERE
Best All-Around Issue: VIDEO WATCHDOG # 177, our EuroCrime special.
Best Magazine Column: "Larry Blamire's Star Turn" by Larry Blamire.
Best Magazine Column: "Ramsey's Rambles" by Ramsey Campbell.
Best Magazine Cover: VIDEO WATCHDOG # 177, design by Charlie Largent.

Tim Lucas Nominations
Best Commentary: PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (Kino/Scorpion Releasing).
Best Interview: "Translating Arsène Lupin: An Interview with Josephine Gill" for Video WatchBlog, October 22, 2014. (Link to interview here.)
Best Magazine Column: "Tales from the Attic" for GOREZONE.
Best Blog: Video WatchBlog.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 9 additional categories requiring write-in votes, and I encourage you to remember VIDEO WATCHDOG and its hard-working contributors in these and other categories welcoming write-in choices.

When voting, I would personally urge everyone to remember VIDEO WATCHDOG's most important accomplishment of 2014: Donna Lucas' painstaking development of VW's dazzling Digital Archive, which was not nominated... because it's too far ahead of the curve to have a category! Which form of acknowledgement would suit the achievement best - Best Artist? Henry Alvarez Award for Artistic Design? Monster Kid of the Year? Certainly no one worked harder for the genre this past year - publishing 176 digital issues, plus the digital edition of MARIO BAVA - ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, across all platforms and all with interactive content - so keep her in mind!

Voting ends at 12:00 Midnight on April 19 and ballots must be submitted to David Colton at

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