Friday, July 22, 2016

The South Is Gonna Rise Again in October

Limited to 2500 units each in the US and UK.

Making huge internet waves today was Arrow Video's surprise unveiling of their October titles, which include two deluxe box sets devoted to the 1960s shock titles of Herschell Gordon Lewis. The more basic of the two items is the aptly titled THE HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS FEAST, which will collect 14 titles on 17 discs in Blu-ray and DVD, all newly restored in 1080p. The titles included are: BLOOD FEAST, SCUM OF THE EARTH, TWO THOUSAND MANIACS!, MOONSHINE MOUNTAIN, COLOR ME BLOOD RED, SOMETHING WEIRD, THE GRUESOME TWOSOME, A TASTE OF BLOOD, SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS, JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT, HOW TO MAKE A DOLL, THE WIZARD OF GORE, THE GORE GORE GIRLS, and THIS STUFF'LL KILL YA! Two bonus Blu-ray discs will also thoughtfully provide the option of viewing BLOOD FEAST, SCUM OF THE EARTH, COLOR ME BLOOD RED, A TASTE OF BLOOD and THE WIZARD OF GORE in 1.33:1, while another will provide the documentary HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS: THE GODFATHER OF GORE. The set will be strictly limited to 2500 units each in the US and UK.

Limited to 500 units each in the US and UK.

Then there is the heavy artillery, THE SHOCK AND GORE BOX, which will be strictly limited to only 500 units each in the US and UK. It will contain the following exclusive bonus items:

28-page H.G. Lewis “annual” stuffed full with Lewis-themed activities plus archive promotional material
Fully-illustrated 92-page art book featuring the definitive overview of the entire career of H.G. Lewis written by Stephen Thrower, with a brand new foreword by Lewis [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]
160-page paperback of the original Blood Feast novelization, written by Lewis [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]
7” vinyl single featuring select tracks from the Blood Feast score [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]
14 postcards featuring original artwork for all the films included [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]
Individually handmade “super gory” eyeball [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]
Shock and Gore commemorative barf bag [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]
Newly illustrated packaging and books by The Twins of Evil [Shock and Gore edition exclusive]


That Stephen Thrower book is something of a knife-twister, isn't it? Well, you know you want it - and I hope you can afford it. Visit this page to pre-order yours or to check the remaining supply. They are disappearing fast!

UPDATE 7/26/2016: THE SHOCK AND GORE BOX is officially SOLD OUT.

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