Monday, December 12, 2016

My Recent Activities

As 2016 begins its annual hastening to a close, I thought I should grab a moment to mention some of the once-extracurricular work I've been doing more curricularly of late. A couple of my recent liner notes assignments are now on the market: VAMPIRE ECSTASY/SIN, YOU SINNERS! (the first volume of  Film Movement's Joseph W. Sarno Retrospect Series on Blu-ray) is available domestically, and Second Run's DVD release of THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA is now out in the UK. Both of these were 1500-word assignments and I think they are both fairly meaty.

The Sarno notes incorporate quotes from an exclusive interview I conducted with Peggy Steffans Sarno last fall, as well as never-before-revealed biographical content that sheds new light on how Sarno expressed himself through his compelling filmography. I've already written notes for the next two sets of Sarno series releases, and I'm finding this work to be as absorbing as the writing I did about Jean Rollin a few years ago.

Second Run asked me to do the notes for THREE WISHES FOR CINDERELLA on the basis of a VIDEO WATCHDOG review I wrote of the domestic Facets release, long enough ago that I needed to re-establish acquaintance. It's a charming fairy tale film - subtly feminist, and with a wintry setting that makes it a natural for holiday viewing. Indeed, since the time of its original theatrical release in Germany, it has become a holiday favorite in several European countries, including its native Czechoslovakia, Germany and Norway. If you follow my postings, you can't be put off by English subtitles, so pick it up - it just might brighten your holiday.

I turned in my audio commentary for Hammer's ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. (due to street next February 14, St. Valentine's Day) a couple of weeks ago, just before I was blind-sided by seasonal illness. It subsided just in time for me to complete the scripting of a new commentary for Arrow Video that I haven't mentioned before now. I'll be recording it in the next few days, as I await permission to spill the beans to you.

Next up, a new set of liner notes for another as-yet-unannounced UK release, this time for the Indicator label, then onto two big commentaries for Kino, Alfred Hitchcock's LIFEBOAT and Richard Fleischer's COMPULSION. Buried somewhere in the weeks ahead, one hopes, will be the holidays.

There is also already some work lined up for next year. Without going into any discouraged detail, I can at least promise some more Mario Bava on the horizon - and not just from those companies mentioned here.

In case you're keeping track, or need to be reminded as you set about preparing your Christmas list, here are the audio commentaries that were either released or recorded this past year:

VALENTINO, Kino Lorber (US), BFI (UK)
DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS, Arrow Video (in the Death Walks Twice box set)
DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT, Arrow Video (in the Death Walks Twice box set)
BLOOD BATH audio essay, Arrow Video
DESTINY, Kino Classics
DR. ORLOFF'S MONSTER, Redemption (forthcoming)
THE SKULL, Kino Lorber (forthcoming)
ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.Kino Lorber (forthcoming)

 The words in blue are links, in case you didn't know, put here for your convenience.

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