Wednesday, May 16, 2018

RIP Janine Reynaud (1930-2018)

"In Corfu, Lorna Green. In Capri, Lorna Green. In England, Lorna Green. In Lisbon, Lorna Green. I love everything and everyone that reflects Lorna Green." - SUCCUBUS (1967)

Farewell to one of the most iconic of Jess Franco stars, Janine Reynaud, who so imperiously embodied Lorna Green in his breakthrough film NECRONOMICON (aka SUCCUBUS) as Lorna Green (pictured), and was also prominently featured opposite Rosanna Yanni in the “Red Lips” entertainments SADISTEROTICA (aka TWO UNDERCOVER ANGELS) and KISS ME, MONSTER. 

She also worked for directors Antonio Margheriti, Max Pecas, JosĂ© BenazĂ©raf, and Sergio Martino along the way, appearing in such films as KILLERS ARE CHALLENGED, CASTLE OF THE CREEPING FLESH, I AM A NYMPHOMANIAC, FRUSTRATION, CASE OF THE SCORPION’S TAIL and BLINDMAN (in which she plays a remarkably minor part, no more than an extra, but must have done so for the privilege of working with Apple and Ringo Starr). She was married for a time to her frequent co-star, the equally mysterious and bizarre Michel Lemoine - it’s unfortunate their undoubtedly fascinating story will remain untold - and later retired to Texas while he remained in Paris. 

Au revoir, Madame - and thank you for the fantasies.

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