Saturday, August 08, 2020

50 Years Ago addendum

There were no display ads for it in the local paper, but I now see that Joy M. Houck Jr.’s NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR opened at one of Cincinnati's local drive-ins 50 years ago last night, co-billed with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. It was an important turning point in my own movie-going experience, as it was the first feature I'd ever seen that was shot in 16mm and blown-up to 35mm for projection. There were scenes so dark and obscure that it was impossible to tell what was going on, on a drive-in screen. The problem could have only been worse if it started before it was completely dark outside. I later saw it again at an indoor screening and it was no better. I'm told that Something Weird Video's copy is the only presently available source for an uncut copy of the film.

In other "50 Years Ago" news, it was half a century ago tonight that the original line-up of the Stooges played their final gig at Goose Lake. Third Man Records is acknowledging this Golden Anniversary by releasing on CD and vinyl the recently unearthed, only known live soundboard recording of the original group, which happens to date from their last show together. Bassist Scott Alexander was supposedly fired afterwards for his erratic playing; you can read more about it by clicking here. They play the entire FUNHOUSE album, almost but not quite in sequential order. There is so much exceptional coverage of the FUNHOUSE material out there - including the complete studio recordings of those sessions - that the album isn't quite the earth-shaking document we'd like it to be, but it’s Ron Asheton on lead guitar and Iggy’s off the leash as usual. Sound quality is slightly better than METALLIC K.O., and you can check an audio sample by going to the page indicated.

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