Monday, May 28, 2007

Back from Wonderfest 2007

WHAT A WEEKEND Donna and I had in Louisville, Kentucky! This photo is a distillation of only a part of its wonderment, but what a heady draught! Here are Donna and I, our three latest Rondo awards (Best Magazine for VW, Best Website for Video WatchBlog, and Writer of the Year) gathered in my arms, and sharing the frame with us is the one-and-only John Zacherle, the 88 years young Rondo Hall of Famer, who was present to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SHOCK THEATER and to collect a Rondo bust of his own for his latest CD, INTERMENT FOR TWO. This is a moment in time we'll always treasure -- many thanks to our pal Ted Haycraft for capturing it!!!
That's all the blog for now; I'm beat. But what are you waiting for? Go find a copy of INTERMENT FOR TWO and buy it now! It's a winner! Literally.
Stay tuned: More Wonderfest memories in the days ahead.

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