Sunday, November 04, 2007

LG Blu-ray Renders Spidey Powerless

Prospective buyers of Sony's Blu-ray release SPIDER-MAN - THE HIGH DEFINITION TRILOGY (or their individual packaging of SPIDER-MAN 3 in Blu-ray) should be aware -- as I wasn't -- that the LG BH100 Hybrid Blu-ray/HD player is not presently set up to accept these discs.

I was alerted to the problem last night, when I loaded SPIDER-MAN 3 into my LG BH100 only to discover that the animated menu screens looked sluggish and my remote control powerless to navigate the screen options or to access the movie. I reloaded the player with SPIDER-MAN 2 and experienced the same problem. Having accidentally ordered two copies of the set from, I decided to unwrap the set I plan to return, assuming that the first set was a defective pressing... but the discs in the second set wouldn't play either.
Online perusal has turned up this thread on the AV Science Forum, which explains that this is a firmware problem and that LG is working on a solution.
PS: Donna and I were able to use the link to download a firmware update which, burned to disc, was able to effect changes to our LG BH100 that allowed SPIDER-MAN 3 to play. Evidently these changes may also affect the unit's audio performance, but LG has promised an update to the update by the middle of the month that should correct this residual fault.

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