Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Best Are Still to Come

It's been quiet here of late, but rest assured I've been busily blogging -- it's just that the end results aren't ready for posting yet. I'm using my spare time these days, of which there's little, to organize Video WatchBlog's year-end lists of VW's Favorite DVDs of 2007, which I'll begin posting next week.

I already have some guest lists in hand -- from associate editor John Charles and contributors Richard Harland Smith and David Kalat, and others should be forthcoming -- and I'm finalizing a few lists of my own. I think the fairest way to approach my own lists is to organize them into at least three groupings: Stand Alone Titles, Box Sets, and a separate list of Notable Restorations. These will be mostly domestic releases but there will also be some Imports mixed in. If HD/Blu-ray releases ever get up to what I consider speed (and they did make an advance this year, particularly with the Kubrick Collection and Anchor Bay's recent rash of horror titles), I'll have to start herding them into an exclusive list as well. Naturally, all of my lists are predicated on what might be termed "natural selection," because there's a vast number of discs there simply wasn't time or the ready desire to see. So bias is not only built into the list, but into the nomination process -- I can only write about the best of what I wanted to see in the first place... hence, "Favorite DVDs of 2007," because none of us can promise that our choices are any better than the releases we didn't see.

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